the visionary art of paloma vita
I was born in Paris, France in an eclectic family - a blend of Egyptian, Italian Jewish, Corsican and Southern France Gypsy...
When I was 6 years old, my mother remarried to an artist and my art education began. I was the only person who my step-father allowed in his atelier as he painted. I also spent much of my time with my nose in his art books - The Impressionists, Dali, and Picasso are the main ones I remember to this day. 
About the same time, I was enrolled in a drawing class but was soon turned off when my art teacher accused me of cheating on a drawing assignment. She thought the rabbit I had drawn was too good for a 6-year-old to have drawn it! I stopped drawing. 
I then discovered photocollage/photomontage and was hooked. I spent many years carting boxes of National Geographics which were my choice source for my pieces.
And then, in 2003, during an illness that kept me homebound, I discovered digital picture editing programs and I have never looked back. I am mostly self-thought and do not claim to be an expert. I fumble my way through the various tools and filters etc. and do my best to replicate the visions I receive in moments of co-creation with the Universe.